Inua Dada Media and Advocacy program is a Call to Action.

Media and Advocacy plays a critical role in helping to keep the public continually updated on the issues that affect the development and performance of the girl child.

We believe that every one of us can play our part in the community to ensure that sustainable programs and systems are implemented in schools to ensure that our girls are learning in an accessible, conducive and supportive environment.

Inua Dada carries out a series of Media Advocacy campaigns annually to:

  • Raise awareness about challenges and issues facing primary school girls of menstruating age in Kenya.
  • Fundraise for programs and activities.
  • Lobby for policy review and updates to ensure that sustainable solutions are implemented to address issues affecting girls of menstruating age in primary schools.
  • Collaborate with counties and schools in Kenya and together work towards implementing the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) principles.

The goal of Inua Dada Media and Advocacy program is to keep the message alive that all our primary school girls in Kenya matter regardless of ability, social economic status, ethnicity, religion or tribe.

More importantly the rights of our girls must be respected, recognized and upheld by all parties entrusted to nurture and care for them.

Inua Dada Minute

As part of one our core programs, Media and Advocacy, The Inua Dada Foundation has come up with the Inua Dada Minute, a 60 second snap shot project that looks into the hopes and dreams of our girls in Kenya.

Endorsed by celebrated personalities in Kenya, The Inua Dada Minute is a call to action for people to get involved in our movement, to empower our girl child and restore her dignity.

The goal of Inua Dada Minute is to create a community of people who will play an integral part in uplifting the lives of our school girls, by talking to us through our various social media platforms.

The Inua Dada Minute will culminate into the International Day of the Girl Child on the 11th of October 2014, where we will celebrate girls from our 47 counties, girls who show promise and who have the potential to lend a voice to their vulnerable sisters in their communities.

The first twelve weeks (first season) of the Inua Dada Minute will be done in collaboration with Interconsumer Products Limited, particularly with their brand of sanitary towels, All- Tyme Sanitary Napkins, and Citizen TV.