The Menstrual Health Management (MHM) program is designed for primary school girls of menstruating age.

Inua Dada MHM Program is presented at primary schools across Kenya. During the presentation every girl of menstruating age receives a Dignity Kit containing an information booklet on Menstrual Health Management (MHM) and Sanitary Pads for 1(One) Year.

After the Dignity Kits presentation, the girls participate in a MHM interactive education session where they get to learn about  their menstrual cycle and hygiene, motivation and building self – esteem, hygienic way of using and disposing of sanitary pads.

Goal of Inua Dada MHM Program is to:

  • Ensure that mentorship programs, counselling services, Menstrual Health Management and Child Rights education are available for primary school girls of menstruating age in Kenya.
  • Provide primary school girls of menstruating age in Kenya particularly those from low-income schools with Sanitary Towels and other basic hygiene products like panties and soap.
  • Work with School Districts and Primary Schools in Kenya to ensure that girls of menstruating age have access to water, hygienic and suitable sanitation facilities.
  • Advocate for the mandatory inclusion of MHM and Child Rights education in the Kenya Primary School Curricula.