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It has always been a dream of mine to see other women succeed and this can only be achieved when we as a global community invest in empowering our girls and advocating for the protection of their rights.

On 26thAugust 2013, Kenya’s Citizen Television aired an emotive feature titled “Period of Shame”.

The feature highlighted the plight of primary school girls in Labos Primary School, Marigat District, Baringo County, Kenya who have no access to sanitary towels and result to using rags and chicken feathers during their monthly period.

Viewer reaction was immediate and soon it become clear that something needed to be done to ensure that our girls were not missing classes due to lack of sanitary towels.

As a result I was motivated to setup Inua Dada initiative campaign to address this issue in a collaborative effort with Royal Media Services.

The public contributed generously towards Inua Dada initiative campaign effort and on 7th November 2013 the First Lady of Kenya Her Excellency Margaret Kenyatta successfully launched the Inua Dada Sanitary Towel distribution drive at Labos Primary School.

Since the launch I have continued to use my platform as a News Anchor and Reporter to voice the issues that still continue to hinder learning and development of our girls.

We have a lot to do as a Nation to ensure that our primary school girls are not missing or completing school due to lack of basic necessities and sufficient support services.

Our Foundation has continued to collaborate with Partners in a joint effort to continue delivering basic necessities like sanitary towels and Menstrual Health Management presentations in primary schools.

Strengthening the capacity of Inua Dada so that the Foundation can be able to continue empowering and uplifting the lives of primary school girls across Kenya is a key priority.

I urge you to get involved in our Foundation’s work and there are many ways you can offer support it could be through volunteering, sponsoring a media advocacy campaign, sponsoring a Menstrual Health Management (MHM) presentation, donating funds  for purchase of sanitary towels, school uniform or towards our reseach program.

Together we can work to ensure that our primary school girls are having their basic needs fulfilled (access to education, adequate health care, food, clothing, shelter and a basic standard of living) so that they can be able to focus on learning and have an opportunity to enjoy their childhood.

Please send me an email at with your feedback and comments or to discuss and find out how you can support our work.

Janet Mbugua is the Founder of Inua Dada. Janet is also a Prime Time News Anchor and Reporter on Kenya’s Citizen Television.